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The Shopify App That SIMPLIFIES Facebook Marketing for you! With a single click your store will harness the true power of the Facebook Pixel! Supercharge your profits with hyper targeted custom audiences and niche tracking. This is the one app you MUST have on your Shopify store.

Shipping Hero

Using Shipping Hero, with 1 single click, instantly automate your store’s shipping & handling settings. Use powerful rules that close all of the loop-holes in Shopify’s basic shipping settings. Increase sales with our secret “bump shipping” upsell feature & custom descriptions on the checkout page.

Wheelie Optin

Supercharge your email list by with "gamificaiton!" Wheelie Optin is a powerful app that allows you to give users discounts and prizes by spinning a fully customizable wheelie, in exchange for their email address. Build your email list faster than ever before with this app!

Coupon Hero

Coupon Hero has revolutionized the way people interact with online discounts and coupons! Rapidly convert customers into buyers with fully customizable "SECRET" coupons for sales & even specific products. All done in 4 simple steps. This is a must have on any Shopify store.


The best way to make e-commerce, PERSONAL! VidCheckout allows you use video marketing on the "Thank You Page", post purchase. You can use this video to offer them a discount & thank them for being a loyal customer. Easily create customer loyalty, repeat customers & decrease refund rates with this app!


With Social Boost, in 3 simple steps you can turn your Shopify "Thank You" Page into a Fanpage Building Power House! Quickly siphon your most valuable customers to "Like" your Fanpage so you can easily turn them into repeat customers through re-marketing!

Bulk Fulfill

Never fulfill orders one by one again! Witht his app you can quickly fulfill all orders from your dropshippers with this simple but very powerful app. Literally, click one single button and POOF! Your customers get an email with their tracking numbers and the order is marked as fulfilled!

Optimize Upsell

The smartest upsell app ever created. Install Optimize Upsell on your Shopify store and watch this app instantly increase your traffic to sales. Earn more profit from every customer by letting this powerful app display upsells on your sales pages, cart pages and more! This app revolutionizes upsells.

Audience Accelerator

With Audience Accelerator, creating high converting targeted audiences in Facebook Ads Manager has never been easier. Instantly create all of your custom audiences, look-a-like audiences and more in record time! Build your target audiences and push them directly to Facebook with 1 click.

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